100% Pure Cashmere

Cashmere is timeless and the best of the best.
Our 100% cashmere collection of blankets, scarves, and clothing will be sure to add elegance and warmth to your wardrobe because nothing is softer or warmer than a gorgeous cashmere piece. Cashmere pricing depends on the quality of the cashmere as well as the weight of the cashmere. The tighter the knit and heavier the weight equals a higher price. If you see a cashmere wrap that is the same size but offered at two different prices, this is because one is a tighter knit, heavier gauge, and warmer piece.
Keep this in mind when making your selection on what you are looking for in your purchase. 
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BIG NEWS! We are VERY excited to announce we are now accepting one-on-one shopping appointments. Please contact us if you'd like to set up an appointment to come and shop old school, in person!! We are hoping you are doing ok and weathering the arduous task of staying home (yes, we feel it's "getting old" but know it's necessary), are safe and healthy. Our online store is open for business as usual, 24/7. Be sure to lookout for our new, online discounts, found on the "Discount Codes" home page. They change regularly so take advantage if you see something you like. The discount code may be gone the next time you visit. We are offering many online discounts and perks while we weather this unprecidented storm we are in. Stay strong. We WILL get through this and come out stronger. Annabel x