Edit an Illustration

Tweak an Illustration to look just like you!

Do you want your "own" illustration, but don't want to spend the money on a complete custom one? Fret not, we can now edit an illustration for you, making the illustration resemble you more accurately, that way making your stationery that much more personalized.

You can choose the option to have the skin tone, hair colour and hair style changed on any of our illustrations (or all three if you like).  Once you order your illustration edits, you can then choose to have it printed on any of our custom Illustrated Stationery. When ordering your stationery, simply choose "Use Tweaked Illustration" in the illustration gallery and we will connect that illustration to your order

Plus, we will file and save your Tweaked Illustration for you. That way, for any future stationery orders using that same tweaked illustration, you will not have to pay or re-order it again.  Now that's what we call personalized.

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From $185.00 - $395.00
From $295.00 - $425.00
From $395.00 - $550.00
From $225.00 - $395.00


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