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Happy Spring, 2017!  Read about my recent buying trip to the Coterie Accessories show in New York and see you at our Spring Trunk Show on May 26-27 at a new, bigger location at 33rd and Mackenzie!

The Coterie Show

What is Coterie? "Coterie is the premier global marketplace that connects women's apparel, accessories, and footwear designers with the international 'who’s who' of retailers."  

Well that got my attention! I registered immediately. As the date neared I began to feel quite terrified as to how much I would be spending at this show. How was I going to contain myself?  I thought I would find so many (too many) beautiful things to bring back for Queen & Grace that it would be a problem (aka where would I put all the inventory in my already bursting at the seams studio?), But sadly that was not the case.  It was a good show, just not a great one.

What We Bought for Queen & Grace

I walked the show, wearing my Ultimate Clutch every moment of the trip of course - best travel purse ever! On the first day I like to absorb my surroundings, touching, feeling, seeing what is trending. Observing which booths were crammed with buyers and which were not (sales people should NOT sit behind their table and be on their phones at trade shows - def not a good brand builder). I made a point of visiting one specific handbag brand that I had actually discovered in Rome last fall and was thrilled to know they were attending the show. It is called Save My Bag. These are very lightweight, Italian made of Poly-Fabric with Lycra ®,  Save My Bag's allure is in its playful and smart contemporary design, as well as its innovative construction. They offer handbags, weekender bags (YOU WILL DIE), and various sizes and of small zip pouches that I am in love with, available in a rainbow of bright fun colours.  The small zip bags can be used for storing all your chargers, make-up, biz cards, change etc.. The large are perfect for saving receipts (those of you who go on business trips know what I am talking about when I say storing ALL your receipts), sunglasses, readers, passports... it is endless.  And they are washable. LOVE everything about them.

I also found a beautiful new line of jewelry from Paris.  Very wearable with an understated shot of sparkle. Colourful Merino wool toques with contrasting detachable foxy pom poms (from a Canadian company). A line of slip on shoes from Norway that seemed to be the rage at the show.  (New Yorkers have become far more sensible now with their shoe attire. Ten years ago everyone was still pounding the pavement in pumps. Not anymore! They've finally come to their senses as should we all.) Comfy slip ons with pants and 3/4 length coats was the uniform on the streets. The shoes will be welcomed here in Vancouver and are due to arrive this Spring. Snazzy sunglasses, a few more lines of jewelry that we thought were interesting but I did not find the volume of inventory like I thought I would find. I was told that the show just keeps getting smaller and smaller each year due to cost of exhibiting and a lot of buyers are able to buy directly from their vendors online. Saves time and money by not attending the shows.  Sad but true.

New York Restaurants

Every time I go to New York I make a reservation on the Sunday night at Trattoria dell'Arte. It is one of my favorite restaurants and I have so many wonderful memories of every one of my New York trips. We also went to 21 Club, NoMad Hotel (the drinks in the bar were great, great vibe, but the dinner was so so. We didn't love the menu.  We ordered a starter and the went to the Hunt & Fish Club by our hotel which we loved (the sliders and vodka martinis were exceptional), and the music and energy.... so much fun! But Raoul's in SOHO was BY FAR our absolute favourite restaurant. Absolutely will go back!! - steak au poivre and pommes frites OMG, a NY secret restaurant referred to me by a friend who is dating a New Yorker. Thanks for the tips SL.

(At the bar at Raoul's, waiting for our table. Martini smile.) 


We only had time to go to one Broadway show but LOVED the one we chose.  We went to Beautiful - The Carole King Musical.  My mum and I have always loved Carole King so it was such fun going together.  We had no idea how many huge hits she (and her husband) wrote for other famous singers.  Highly recommend going if you love music. I literally smiled the entire two hours while watching it.


When I am working in New York, I have come to revisit the Hotel Millenium Broadway most often.  The rooms are large, with two queen size beds, large closet space and large bathroom counters.  Some of the "boutique" hotels I have stayed at in the past have been so small it was impossible for two people to move around in the room.  The Millenium Broadway is perfect and located in the heart of Times Square and VERY QUIET. It has a bar, restaurant, full breakfast buffet, if you want, and everything else you will need while you're visiting.

View from our hotel room.

Bye Bye New York - see you next time!

Thanks for reading.  Ciao for now!  Annabel


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    Megan: March 23, 2017

    Hi Annabel,
    Loved reading about New York. It is a great city! Those shoes look cool and comfy.

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