Since the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak, we now realize more than ever how stressful and devastating it has been on peoples work life, personal life and financial life. Moving forward, we feel there will be a permanent shift in the way people shop and buy from this point in history onward. For this reason, we are grateful that you are here, shopping with us, and pleased to offer you a few discount options to give a little ease and bring back a little joy in your retail therapy and shopping experience. Our discounts will be changing regularly so keep checking on what is offered. Some are multi use and others are ONE TIME use. If you don't enter the discount code at the time of purchase you are out of luck, so please check regularly.


Only ONE CODE can be applied on the checkout page. (It's the way the website was coded unfortunately.) So if you are ordering several different products all in one order you must choose which discount code will be most economically beneficial to you. Another option is to place multiple orders, enabling you to use the discount code for each product offered. If you do place more than one order, BE SURE to choose the shipping method "PICK UP FROM QUEEN & GRACE" (because there is no charge for that option) for the 2nd (or more) orders so that you only get charged for shipping once. If we see you placed two or more orders back to back, we will package those orders together to ship out to you all in one shipment. Capiche?





This is a ONE TIME USE per customer code. 


Order as much cashmere as you want, need, have-to-have online and receive a one time 10% off discount. 

On the checkout page enter the code STAYHOME in the discount box and your discount savings will be shown.


Buy 10 or more greeting cards and get 10% off. They can be all different greeting cards or any other combination you like.

On the checkout page enter code CARDS10 in the discount box.

Buy 20 or more greeting cards and get 20% off.  On the checkout page enter code CARDS20 in the discount box.




Order 5 or more notepads and get 15% off. They can be five different styles for five different people or any other combination you like.

On the checkout page enter code Notepads15 in the discount box.




When you spend over $500, FREE SHIPPING will automatically applied to your order.

The bonus of spending $500+ is that you are also allowed to use ONE DISCOUNT CODE.

Simply enter the discount code of your choice, see above options, and that amount will be deducted from your order.