1. When will I receive my order?

Delivery times may vary depending on the product(s) you order. On average the majority of our products will ship out within 2 - 7 business days. Address Stamps and Monarch Cards may take longer.

2. How do I apply a “special offer” code to my order?

Special offer codes can be entered during the checkout process, directly beneath the payment options. You are welcome to use any current offer that may apply, however only one offer per single order may be applied at a time.

Keep in mind that most offers are specific to a particular type of product; for example, a wedding invitation code may not be used for holiday cards. Check the fine print of your offer for details. 
Personal One-time Code offers can only be used once. PaperQueen is currently unable to match competitors’ offers. 

3. Where is my digital proof when ordering INVITATIONS?

Digital proofs should be ready for review within 2 to 3* business days after placing your order; we’ll send you an email once your proof is ready.
*(Provided we are not at a trade show, where proofs may take a bit longer).

Creating a digital proof and receiving approval can take anywhere from several days to just over a week. Second and third round revisions will add more fees and time to the process. 

 4. How long does it take to print my order?

After you confirm your order and we send it to printing, it will take about 3 business days for the print job.

5. How long will shipping take?

We offer several different shipping options to choose from during checkout ranging from 1-10 business days. Please choose your preferred shipping method carefully as it may not be altered once the order is placed. If you’d like your order shipped faster, please click on a faster shipping method.

We pack your order with care, using cardboard boxes to maximize protection when mailing out.

Customs and Duty

There is no customs charged on stationery products.  Any import charges have been paid for at checkout based on your shipping location and your countries customs rules. This means you will not be charged anything else at time of delivery.

We cannot be held responsible for damages that occur to your package from the postal services.

Canadian orders:                        allow up to 1 week for delivery (5-7 working days)
USA orders:                                allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (10 working days)
International orders:                  allow up to 3 weeks for delivery (15 working days)

Shipping Rates:

Canadian Orders via Canada Post

$1 - $30 @ $12

$31 - $75 @ $18

$76 - $150 @ $23

$151 - $250 @ $25

$251 - $500 @ $27

$501 - $750 @ $38

$751 - $1,000 @ $42

Courier - Within Greater Vancouver (Up to 2 Days)   $1 - $1,000 @ $12

Courier – Within Vancouver (Same Day)                    $1 - $1,000 @ $15

Courier – To North or West Vancouver (Same Day)  $1 - $1,000 @ $20

United States Orders via UPS

$1 - $30 @ $22

$31 - $75 @ $26

$76 - $150 @ $32

$151 - $250 @ $36

$251 - $500 @ $39

$501 - $750 @ $45

$751 - $1,000 @ $47   

7. How are PaperQueen products packaged?

Our Notecards and Notepads are all packaged in our signature cream, organza draw-strip bag with our PaperQueen tag. They are beautiful so you won’t have to wrap it yourself if you’re giving it as a gift.  All larger items are carefully packaged to arrive safely, however they do not have the special gift wrapping.

8. Can I see a sample?

Yes, if you live in the Vancouver area, we are more than happy to set up an appointment for you to come by our studio to peruse our large selection of fine papers and invitations.

9. What can I customize in my card or invitation design?

For invitation designs you are able to choose the illustrations and change the wording. The font colours that are shown in the invitation sample you choose will be edited to compliment the illustration you chose. Our designers work hard to make your invitation colours look the most complimentary. If you want a specific font colour for the fonts that are coloured in the sample, please let us know in the “Special Instructions” box.

10. What do I do if I’m having trouble customizing a design to meet my exact vision?

If you are having difficulties with the customization, please fill out the “Special Instructions” box below your order to convey your special instructions. For more complex requests such as moving or changing image sizes and text, our designer may be able to offer help for an additional fee. The designer will assess your request and then contact you for approval of any additional fees prior to starting your proof.

11. How do I upload my spreadsheet of names and or addresses?

There are two ways of upload your lists to PaperQueen; either in a Word Document or an Excel Spreadsheet.

To upload a Word document for your Placecards to be printed or your envelopes, you MUST add a space in between each name and or address (so the software can separate the people/addresses).

Placecard List Examples:

Annabel St. John

Louise Oswald

Laura Manderson

Stephanie Crozier

If it is an address list you are uploading, the same rule applies:

Annabel St. John
3688 W 35th Ave.
Vancouver, BC V6N 2N7

Louise Oswald
1234 Mathers Ave.
West Vancouver, BC V7T 1K3

Stephanie Crozier
House 4
Hong Kong, China

Once you’ve finished creating your Word document with all your names/addresses, click “SAVE AS”, then scroll down and choose “Plain Text (*.txt)”

If you already have your addresses organized in an Excel spreadsheet, follow these instructions to upload the file to us all at once:

  1. Download the PaperQueen Address Template
  2. Open it in Microsoft Excel (for PC and Mac users), Numbers (for Mac users) or a similar spreadsheet program
  3. Copy the cells from your spreadsheet for a particular column and paste them into the corresponding column in the template
  4. Once you have all the addresses correctly saved in your spreadsheet, upload it into your addresses

Do not move, edit, or change the headers for the columns in the template in any way

The template has a single column for Name. If you have your names separated out into first and last name columns, you will have to manually combine them.

The template includes columns for:

        Street Address 1
        Street Address 2
        ZIP/Postal Code

  • Name is the only column that is required for each row to successfully upload your file.
  • Many of the other columns are necessary for successful mailing.
  • Use the country column for any addresses that will be mailed internationally.
  • PaperQueen does not use any of this information to send marketing materials to your contacts. 
  • PaperQueen DOES NOT PROOF your list, so please be sure it is all correct before uploading.

If you only need to upload names for Placecards, fill in the first and last names only, and leave all the other columns blank.

12. May I refund or exchange my order?

As each order is customized and printed specifically for you, we are unable to offer returns or refunds. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

13. Do you draw custom illustrations?

Yes we do.  Please contact us directly for further details. 

14. Do you illustrate all the artwork and design all the graphics?

Yes we do!

15. Do you write all the copy for the greeting cards?

Yes we do! The greeting cards are basically designed around the life of our founder, Annabel St. John. 

16. Rumor has it you are now selling jewelry?

Yes we are! Annabel is crazy about jewelry and has decided to incorporate that into her line as well.  After all, if you’re savvy enough to be writing on lovely paper, ordering invitations because you’re hosting an event, then you most definitely need some bling to wear for these occasions!  

17. How did you start your business?

Annabel bought a small printing business in 1994 because she wanted to work only “part-time”. Boy did she underestimate that one! Triple full time is what she bought, along with a life full of creativity, fabulous customers and a wonderful work environment!