Bee Belt | Solid Brass

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We originally designed this unique Bee belt buckle to expand the limited stylish belt offerings in the world. We were seeing a lot of designer belts here, there and everywhere and thought a piece of art around your waist was far more stylish and interesting than the letter G.

We made the Bee the symbol of our business for all that bee's stand for. Bees are extremely important for the human race and for our entire ecosystems to function. As we know, bees allow plants to reproduce through pollination. These plants contribute to the food system by feeding animals – aside from humans – such as birds and insects. From honey bees to Bumble Bee to Queen Bees, they all have their important role in the survival of our society. So when you're wearing your bee belt, wear it with pride and knowledge knowing that it is truly a symbol of great importance, strength and empowerment.

Buckle: Solid Brass

Belt: 100% leather

Designer:  QUEEN & GRACE


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