Black Cashmere Cardigan

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We are very excited about this darling cashmere cardigan. It is a perfect length to wear over a dress or with trousers. Buttonless with a dropped shoulder, blousy stylized sleeve with a sleek cuff, it hangs beautifully and is the at piece that will be worn again and again, in the office, out to dinner, as a little jacket... The possibilities are endless.

These luxurious cashmere sweaters are designed by Van Kukil, a fifth-generation family-owned, Dutch manufacturing business. Based out of London and manufactured in Kashmir, these are some of the finest quality sweaters you will find in the market. Their soft cashmere feel is exceptional.

Because we are able to order directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to you, there is no middleman involved which allows us to price them exceptionally well.

SIZE X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
STYLE Cashmere Cardigan
FABRIC 100% premium cashmere
ORIGIN Kashmir


Dry Clean only or hand wash in lukewarm water then lay flat to dry.


Kashmir has historically been a natural habitat for cashmere goats. With its natural grasslands and cold climates, the region provides the perfect formula for raising goats to produce one of the world’s finest fibres. It takes four goats to produce enough fibre for a single cashmere sweater, whereas a single sheep can produce enough wool to make up to five woolen sweaters. Cashmere has therefore traditionally been considered a luxury fibre, however, today casual cashmere products are widely available and affordable. The increase in the global demand for cashmere and a resulting increase in the goat population are destroying the grasslands of Kashmir.


Van Kukil Cashmere is fully committed to the environment and preserving the luscious grasslands of Kashmir. They are working with partners including the Sustainable Fibre in supporting on-the-ground efforts in Kashmir to begin reversing the desertification that has taken place.

The most sustainable and humane way of harvesting the cashmere is to gently hand-comb it from the goat, and Van Kukil ensures that this method is always used. Van Kukil respects ‘FAIR TRADE’ and as such, they cut out any unnecessary intermediaries in the production process to preserve the fair price that herders get for their cashmere.


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