Thinner Felt Totes | New Size | Charcoal

$125.00 CAD

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The felt totes we have in stock are made of a thinner felt than the previous totes. Not as bulky and easier for storage.

Felt is fabulous!  It's good looking, soft to touch, strong to carry and there's something so comforting about it.  Our custom made Felt Totes are available in two sizes and are a wonderful addition to your bag collection - great for going to the beach, storing guest towels in the bathroom, grocery shopping, laundry, toys, magazines, binders, for errand or dry-cleaning drop offs or just keeping your trunk organized. Available in two sizes; SMALL (two handles) and LARGE (one diagonal handle). Our own unique QUEEN & GRACE design, made exclusively for us.

DESIGNER Queen & Grace
SIZE Small  & Large
SIZE Small base is 12.5" x 13.5"  Large base is 13.5" x 15"
DETAILS Small has two handles, Large has one handle
ORIGIN Shanghai, made exclusively for Queen & Grace



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