Hair Ties | Dusty Grey Blue

$5.95 CAD

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These hair ties are amazing.

When we discovered them at the Paris trade show in mid-January, back when we could still travel and before the Covid-19 outbreak, we decided to go big and order 900 of them! They are very gentle on your hair, with a patented acrylic fastener that won't catch and break your hair when undoing your ponytail. Because of their soft, plush design, they won't leave that extreme kink in your hair after long wear. And for those lucky enough to have thick, supermodel hair, they are strong enough to tie up the heaviest of ponytails and buns, never stretching, not even after getting wet.

The Kknekki hair tie is simply a wonderful product; woven from more than 60 threads with a unique technique to make them keep their resilience overtime at the same time as being extremely soft and gentle to any kind of hair.

The unique spinning and weaving technique doesn't only give us an almost endless possible number of color combinations, it also makes sure they won't fade or fray even when worn in saltwater.

SIZE One size fits all
STYLE Dusty Grey Blue #1642
DETAILS Unique spinning and weaving technique
ORIGIN Denmark



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