NOTEPAD | Classic Fonts

$28.00 CAD

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We can print your first name, first and last name or, first, middle and last name. Whatever your fancy!

These notepads are printed horizontally, top centre, as shown in the sample photo. The font will always be printed the way the font example is shown. If it's shown all in upper case or all in lower case (some fonts only offer all upper or all lower case) then that is how it will be printed. If it's both, upper and lower, it will be printed that way, and so on, even if you type the name in otherwise. Choose from a vast assortment of fonts, ranging from script, serif or sans serif. And remember, the more of each notepad you order, the less the price becomes.

Bulk is King, or should we say Queen?

SIZE 4.25" x 7" and 8.5" x 11"
STYLE 100 sheets per pad, white branded backing stock
DETAILS Package in our signature Organza sachet
ORIGIN Vancouver, Canada



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