Peepers Readers - Centre Stage Mint

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Your favorite frame just got an eco-friendly facelift. There's even more to love about our most popular frame! Now composed of sustainably-sourced wheat material, Center Stage offers eco-friendly charm that compliments your features with natural, soft colors, a daring, oversized look, and a beautifully round shape. Put on this beloved frame and feel extra good about your style, and your sustainable choice of fashion.

Trend-forward protection to express your individual style.

Enhancing the way you live and work in the digital world starts with exceptional lens technology. Our proprietary, baked-in lens formula works together to prevent symptoms of digital eye strain, help reduce the chance of headaches, and alleviate tired eyes.

SPECIAL ORDER OPTION:  If we do not offer or have your strength in stock, please contact us directly to place a SPECIAL ORDER Peepers offers the following strengths for special order: 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00

Blue light filtering

Peepers Blue Light Focus™ lenses filter over 40% of high-energy visible blue light¹.

The Extras

  • Complimentary Case what’s an amazing pair of eyewear without protection and style? 
  • Demonstrated Effectiveness rest easy knowing our products go through rigorous production testing⁵ to ensure optimal efficacy
  • Designed in California for trend-forward style 


May reduce² reflections (glare) on the surface of the lens–enhancing contrast and visual acuity³.

Clearly Fashionable

All the comfort, all the style, with barely-there tints⁴

Peepers Blue Light Focus™ Lenses

Enhancing the way you live and work in the digital world starts with exceptional lens
technology. By filtering over 40% (50% for kids) of high-energy visible blue light¹, our baked-in technology works to prevent symptoms of digital eye strain², help reduce the chance of headaches, and help alleviate tired eyes. Plus, all our blue light products go through rigorous product testing³ to ensure optimal efficacy so when you choose Peepers, you (and your eyes) can rest easy knowing you have consistent, effective blue light protection with every pair.


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