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Grab your bestie and head for the closet, it is time to explore the contents. Maybe you'll get a little creative and turn a pair of jeans into jean shorts, or iron that regrettably complicated shirt thing you wore and washed onceÉ who knows what is in store! This is an adventure. THE IRON THE STITCH AND THE BATHROBE features a vintage-inspired semi-rimless frame in dark forest green and rich gold hardware. Available in a selection of ready-to-go lens magnifications to help you zoom in life, combined with our signature blue light filtering lens technology for longer, easier and even more pointless screen scrolling.

What does the screen lense do?

Blocks 30% of blue light emitted from screens from reaching our eyes. This has been shown to help reduce the effects of Digital Eye Strain.

Digital eye strain?
Linked to disruptive sleep patterns (melatonin regulation), headaches, dry eyes, reduced attention spans and more.

Do screen lenses help?
Studies are ongoing, with most anecdotal research finding users report feeling less eye strain when wearing 'blue blocker'eyewear.



Anti-blue light coated lenses

BPA Free material

Made in Australia