Happy Clients!

Carmel, IN

I love your cards. You’re like my gift to myself monthly. Thx for being my personal shopper. ❤️ 

Atlanta, GA

Everyone I have talked to that received the blanket, love it, almost makes me want to have another baby so I could order myself one. Thanks again!

Vancouver, BC

So excited to wear my new jewelry!! Thank you so much for making our day yesterday. I think you're fabulous. Your illustrations, creative ideas and experience are inspiring - ya, you rock!

Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for the beautiful cards. I love them. And they arrived so beautifully packaged. You’re amazing! I can’t wait to start writing notes to friends and family. So glad I found you.

Airdrie, AB

Thank you for another perfect delivery. I am very impressed and grateful! I have travelled to over 50 countries as a corporate facilitator teaching businesses how to best best, and you exemplify this beautifully.Travelling around the world is why I need cashmere in my life. I say need, but I am sure some would argue.There is saying that consumers compare their best consumer experience to any other consumer experience going forward. You raise the bar. My husband delighted watching me prance around with my ponchos last night. We had a great laugh when he pictured me making a blanket out of the six I now have.Combined with the three travel blankets, unfortunately, I think that is all I need for now. Thank you for terrific service. This what Harvard Business Review talks about when they refer to customer centricity.

Langley, BC

Good morning! I received my cashmere wrap yesterday in the mail! I love it and love your packaging and gift! Very special! Thank you.

London, UK

I have received my cashmere travel blanket today and it's beautiful!!!! So nicely presented, so soft and warm. I am also deeply touched by the personalised cards. This is a very special birthday present to myself. Thank you. I found your website by accident in google search and I am very pleased I did. In July I am going to London with my colleges where we will have an away day event. I am sure I will be asked where is it from and I will say with pride it's from a lovely Canadian brand Queen & Grace.

Surrey, BC

Hello… A few weeks ago I ordered another of your fabulous poncho’s for myself… and added one for my mother too! I mailed it to her in Sherwood Park, Alberta – and she absolutely loved it! Because she is 81 and internet-challenged (she doesn’t even have a computer!), I had to print pix from your website showing her all the different ways to wear the poncho. My mom is very stylish (she wears her Escada outfits when she visits me… Lululemon is just not her style!) so I knew this poncho would find a treasured spot in her wardrobe. Well…being the fashionista that she is, she made sure to show it to all her friends and neighbors who immediately wanted one too!! (She could be a walking advertisement!) Of course she passed on your contact info! So… if you are seeing orders come in from Sherwood Park and Edmonton, Alberta… you know who is responsible! I also want to mention how lovely it is that you deliver your items ensconced in a beautiful silky bag, and the Queen & Grace logo attached is so chic! Such a treat!

Campbell River, BC

What a lovely wrap - mushroom brown - so inviting and soft! Thank you for your email, for the timely shipping, and for making my world a little more sensuous.

Toronto, ON

Just to let you know my beautiful package has arrived!! The blue poncho is for my mother's birthday this Thursday and it's stunning! She will love it. Also, the green shawl is a gorgeous colour and I love the white long sleeve T! Thank you again - can't wait to physically visit your shop when I'm next in Vancouver after this pandemic! Stay positive and test negative!!

Vancouver, BC

I love your products! And I'm trying to get my friends, daughter, anyone who will listen, back in the practice of writing notes, cards, etc. Although text messages are nice, it is so meaningful to get a hand written card or note in the mail - something written down that a person can read in years to come or present in an archival book or album. I will be back soon to order again as birthdays are coming up fast and furious...

Toronto, ON

I just received my package and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with all of my purchases! Everything from the beautiful logo on the package, to the way everything was so beautifully presented, to the thoughtful, personalized note cards were a true delight. Your customer service has been exceptional and I look forward to purchasing from you again.

North Vancouver, BC

I have spread the word to many friends about Queen & Grace. Every time I purchase a gift for someone from your store I am told how much they enjoy it and appreciate the quality.

Dunbar, BC

Thank you for your thoughtful email. My last purchase with you was a gift for a friend, and she LOVED and still is in love with her cashmere travel blanket. I am sure that my mom will also love hers when she unwraps it on Christmas morning.

Kerrisdale, BC

I meant to let you know that I received the two blanket wraps safe and sound, beautifully presented in their boxes, tissue paper and luxurious ribbon. Thank you!

West Vancouver, BC

Thank you for couriering my beautiful masks and toques - and for the gift of personalized note cards. Your lovely presentation and kindness shines brightly in the middle of this very strange time. Greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas! Cheers

Windsor, ON

Thank you so much for the delivery of my mum's present. The card is so beautiful and a lovely thought! I know she will get a lot of pleasure from such a gorgeous wrap this long winter! I look forward to being a Queen and Grace customer in 2021!

Toronto, ON

Thank you so much. The blanket is beautiful. I already knew that as I have the miss one! It is perfect and my sister will love it. How lovely to get the cards with my name on them. Thank you.

Vancouver, BC

OH WOW! This is amazing Annabel - it looks absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the special touches - it means so much this year more than ever!

Southlands, BC


North Vancouver, BC

I have five friends this year who have lost parents and I am so grateful to be able to send them an item that is warm and comforting to support them in their loss. And, I love that I am supporting a woman owned local business. I also really appreciate your packaging and personalized details such as the note cards you include with each purchase. I work for myself as well so I get how important repeat customers are.

West Vancouver, BC

I have picked up my poncho order. Thank you for the lovely packaging and enclosed goodies. I love your business model and the extras, it's easy to be a repeat customer.

Southlands, BC

Funny, I have been thinking about you all morning. I just wanted to tell you how beautiful that experience was to come to your shop and see that magical space that you have created. I loved it. The packaging, the card the email and invoice was all so tastefully done. I haven’t even taken them out of their pouches because they are so pretty. I want to come back and get some presents for Christmas before the rush. Everything that you have gathered for your store is so lovely. I need some stationary. Paper and envelopes. I want you to pick them because you have impeccable taste. Simple and graceful. Special thanks for the “PaperQueen” cards and note cards, the note cards especially appeal to me and we should have a chat about a custom order.