Happy Clients!

Anna Wallner, Vancouver

Thanks so much for your lovely notes!  They are surely adding beauty and dignity to mealtime for so many.

Lisa E, Vancouver 

Once again your wraps are keeping us warm on our back patio. Your wraps and blankets have kept me very warm over this last crazy year. Hope you’re staying healthy. Take care.

Susan B, Vancouver

Got it, thanks! The packaging is so beautiful!

Sybil C, West Vancouver

I received my package this morning. It felt like it was from Buckingham Palace!

Shannon T, Vancouver

I watched your video last night, it brought tears to my eyes and I could see how emotional you were. Your energy, entrepreneurship and giving spirit is infectious - Dunbar and beyond is a better place with the PaperQueen :)

Kendal C, Seattle, WA

My Queen & Grace delivery arrived today ad I could not be happier with the gorgeous black Q&G belt with silver buckle (fits perfectly) and merlot cashmere poncho (so incredibly soft and the perfect colour). The quality of both are second to none and the wrapping and packaging was (almost) too beautiful to unwrap. Thank you as well for the handwritten card. And the cherry on top was the beautiful personalized monogrammed cards you included (I know what I will include in my next order)? Thank you again so much. Pics to come of me modelling my new Q&G attire on my trip.

MD, New Zealand

You are a stellar role model who has worked all the angles and have pivoted in ways to reinvent yourself and make yourself relevant. You are the consummate hard worker, driven, courageous and so very creative and talented.If you can't already tell, I've always admired you and how you do, what you do.

Cindy D, West Vancouver

Wow! Thank you for the Poncho which looks like you hand delivered, or perhaps the courier did. Also, what a lovely surprise to find the personalized note cards! Thank you so much - very kind. I am on my way to Africa and think the poncho will be super handy and go with everything.

Thanks again for the excellent and kind service.

Lucy M,  Hong Kong

My wraps have arrived! They are gorgeous. And thank you so much for the personalized stationery - it’s so cute !

Daphne Hodgins, Vancouver

Received my black cashmere wrap in the mail today…thank you for shipping it to me!! and thanks also for the note cards…love!! I’ll be taking my black and cream lightweight cashmere wraps to Newfoundland….perfect for travelling in style and comfort!


Maureen M, North Vancouver

I just picked up my tote today. I love it! The colour totally pops and the design, size and strap length of the bag itself is perfect. I’m so happy to have it for cruising season. Thanks again! I also love the personalized notepaper you included, that was a very nice touch.

Our gorgeous Linen Tote covered many treks on land and transported everything from potluck goodies to a week’s worth of laundry :)

Adrienne R, Beverly Hills

Thank you so much! Dealing with you is like dealing with a friend!

Sally W, Maryland

Hey Doll!  I first found you thru my precious mom who gifted me a set of personalized note cards.  I believe she ordered them thru NM.  It totally made writing thank you notes, which my mom insisted upon much to my shagrin...a breeze.  However, having to part with them was a chore.  I would seriously rank my friends to see who was PaperQueen worthy or if a Hallmark card would do the trick!  I have spoken with you a few times.  The last was to order wedding gifts for my friends who helped my husband and I celebrate in June of 08. Now I own a stationery store and would love to carry your line!

Susan F-S, New York

You are a MARVEL!!!!  I LOVE the rendering, my husband LOVES the rendering, close friends (including Nanon) LOVE the rendering.  It is the very touch of whimsy my website needed (the website designer is in awe.) I particularly love the straps on the shoes and the shawl.  Every detail is exquisitely drawn and perfect.

And, yes, you are helping brand myself.  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I CANNOT WAIT to take you to the most expensive lunch in NYC and to order everything with this character on it.  Have a FANTASTIC weekend.

Nanon M, Victoria

Thank you for the fabulous address stickers T loved hers as I did mine. I also love the writing paper, very elegant.  It was so thoughtful of you!!!  Thank you for your great energy you left on Monday and  I was all pumped !! You are so much fun !!!   I just got off the phone with Susan and she shared with me how much she enjoyed interacting with you and how much she loves the cards!!

Ashley S, Victoria

Just gave a gf the 'he's a fucker let's drink" card and she loved it. Made her day. Don't think anyone has ever received one of your cards and not loved them. They're amazing! You've got a real gift.

Margo J, Vancouver

Omg, I just did about 15 thank you's for bday gifts and lunches etc. and stamped em all. Presto, looks so cool! Thank you for inspiring me to get organized and order my personal stationery.


Kendra M, Los Angeles

Love your work; you’re worth every dime! Thanks again.


John J, West Vancouver

Dear team ... Annabel is the owner/founder/creative genius of PaperQueen Fine Stationery, originally a home-based craft business that has evolved into a juggernaut of awards and recognition (check out www.thepaperqueen.com).  Most of the North Shore knows "Annabel" (like Bono and Madonna, she only needs one name), which is why she moved to Kits last year ... to take over that region too.  Annabel designed the original *** Gala print materials in 2008 and has been producing them annually since.  She is a very tolerant client-first individual, which has proved necessary in working with me.  I have called her every year anticipating hemming and hawing and an "I'm too busy" but she keeps signing up for more abuse.


Caren M, Vancouver

I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful invites. You are such an artist, but more importantly, a real genuine woman. I admire you, your gifted talent and the ability to be so stable. You have great kids and have such a grounded manner. Such a pleasure to know you.

Sherry F, Palm Beach

Hi there!!!!! Quick story----a gentleman came into my shop the day before Mother's Day-----asked if I had Mother's Day cards. I replied No...and told him where he might find them....but he walked right up to my small card display and found a card entitled 'waiting for the perfect man' the woman and dog were on a park bench looking like skeletons!!! Waiting!!!! So he came up to me and asked if he could just pay for the card (I had been working with 2 clients)...I asked...who is this card for???? (not the best English! ha) He replied...my wife---I looked at him...took away that card and handed him your..."I f--g Love you!!! card.  I wish I had a camera for his expression and he asked "IS THIS GOING TO BE $100????  hahahahah! I shoulda said Yes!  THIS IS THE BEST-----ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!!! HAHAH! I'M GONNA NEED MORE OF THOSE---I'LL WAIT ANOTHER FEW DAYS!!!!  ANABELLE----thank you so much! Big hugs---Love, Sherry!


Isabelle S, West Vancouver

Thank-you for your speedy performance - my parents were up in the clouds and so pleased with the invitations and that they were able to take them along today. You are so amazing and did such a beautiful job - thanks again for all your hard work, patience and persistence.


Rhoda R, Phoenix

Holy shit I love your greeting cards!


Vivian S, Palm Beach

Annabel...I didn't realize you're the DESIGNER too!!!!!  You're sooooo talented....and gorgeous too!


Frances T, Calgary

I love it, thank you so much - It even looks like her (and not just because she's holding a margarita.) 


Susan F, New York

Everyone is loving my "custom avatar"  I also received the cards and note pads which I adore and would love to order.  I also want to get business cards.  


Ryan Beedie, Vancouver

Just thought I would let you know that people have been blown away by the invitations!!


Sharon K, Florida

Honestly, your cards make me laugh out loud.  I’m buying so many because I just know my friends will love them.  It is taking all of my will power to not send links to them to my best buddies.  I want them to be surprised when they get them in the mail!  


Thea J, Hawaii

Fucking love the cards - speechless!!


Sara A, Toronto

I just sent out the bridal shower thank you cards, and people who have received them say they're adorable. I also sent out most of the invitations, and the response has been fantastic. People think they're great, and I've had some people say they're the best invitations they've ever seen; you did a great job!


Sharon M, Vancouver

Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010, 4:23 PM

Subject: Michael Buble

Hi Annabel, Michael`s mother would like your contact number, not sure what she is looking for.  Thought I would give you the heads up.

Amber Buble, Burnaby

You sure deserve the recognition from Michael (Buble) and more. The wedding invitations were stunning. You have been amazing to work with and will be highly recommended by us to everyone. 


Elaine S, Vancouver

I first met Annabel more than 10 years ago at a society wedding in Vancouver. She exuded style and confidence, the same style and confidence she brings to her business today and which resonates in everything she does. Annabel is wildly creative with a natural eye for design, no doubt further developed while studying in Paris. She also has keen business acumen, inherently understanding what it is that people want and what is marketable. This has helped Annabel to build her business into the international success story it is today. Annabel not only delivers on the creative but is also fastidious about meeting deadlines and delivering the product, on time and on budget. It is with great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend Annabel St. John and PaperQueen.


Sherry F, Palm Beach



Megan V, Vancouver

It is easily the most beautiful gala invite I've ever received. I didn't want to undo the bow! Outstanding!!


Jimmy Pattison, Vancouver

Your note of October 1st arrived in our office on Friday, November 5th. Jimmy was away from the office for the day, but I was able to share your note with him on Saturday morning prior to his departure to London. He's asked me to thank you for taking the time to drop him a note. He really appreciated hearing from you.

(My son became suddenly, violently sick a few years ago and had to spend 12 hours in the Jimmy Pattison Emergency Ward at Lion's Gate Hospital. I was so grateful for the incredible care he received and the state of the new ER Pavillion that I wrote Mr. Pattison a thank you note, thanking him for being so generous with his donation to fund the new Emergency Wing that basically looked after my son and brought him back to life.)


Ann S, White Rock

I just wanted to say thank you for getting the note cards for my sister-in-law, done and delivered, so quickly!  Working in the service industry myself,  I truly appreciate the "above and beyond" service you provided.

I look forward to seeing your cards on display again at Holt's in November - such great personalized gifts they make!  I'll be sure to tell all my friends to come and see you.  Thank you again... my sister-in-law loved them, by the way!


Morgan M, S Carolina

The custom stationery is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier. I mailed them a couple of days ago and I have already received calls from people complimenting them.


Judy M, Vancouver

I took my wrap with me on holidays, and used it almost every day   On the plane, reading on the couch, and sometimes riding in the car.    LOVE it!  My daughter in law is tiny and always cold, so I ordered this one for her birthday on Friday.   She will love it too. 


Sherry B, Vancouver

My girlfriends absolutely love their grey cashmere wraps. Both said their favorite team in their closets! 


Pamela F, Toronto

One of the most striking invitations I've ever received arrived in the mail this week. Long, satin, fuscia and tangerine-coloured ribbon tied the whole silk envelope together in a perfect bow. The private donor-sponsored invitation was made by the highly creative, very accomplished Annabel St. John of PaperQueen and it's just so exquisite that I quickly took these pictures to share with you. I don't normally single out fundraisers, but I couldn't resist sharing this resplendent invitation with readers of my blog.


Elaine P, Vancouver

I just wanted to say I received my invitation yesterday and was blown away by the quality and class. Congratulations to all that worked so hard on the design, production, stuffing, etc. I think it set the tone for what should be an amazing evening.


Voula H, Texas

Just wanted to say how much I loved going through your web site!!!!  Awesome and fun!  I just wanted to say thx for inspiring me. Reading your blog and seeing those great pics reminds me of how lucky we are to be doing what we love :)


Teddi G, Santa Barbara

I've NEVER seen anything soooooo beautiful. I LOVE my stationary and pads.  will send a check! I'll be making a holiday order soon.


Monica D, Vancouver

The Thank You notes in the goodie bags were just beautiful-simple, classy and sure to be used!!  Thank you so much for lending us your brilliance again.
It's been so great working with you!! Can't express how much I've enjoyed it and how much I've learned from you. You are "inspiring.


Suzi O, Vancouver

Just received the Stunning stationery...thank you so much!!!    It'll be a pleasure to send out my thank you notes now!  XXX


Michelle M, Los Angeles

I just got home from work and sure enough, your package was in the mail.  I want to tell you that they look fantastic! The illustration and glitter make everything so much better!  I can't wait to set the room up.  People have been going crazy for the invitation, everyone is asking about it!  Of all the things I'm excited about, seeing Denise's reaction to the invitation, menu, and place cards is something I'm really looking forward to.  She'll flip to see Molly in the picture!  


Sherry F, Palm Beach



Jane H, Vancouver

Thank you for thinking of me.  The invitation , program etc look fantastic. You have out done yourself yet again. Thank you sooooooooooo much. 


Ryan Beedie, Vancouver

I keep getting messages that this is the best invite ever. You ;:*#@+ rule!!!


Monica Deol, Vancouver

The envelopes are STUNNING!!! Thank you SO MUCH for everything-if the envelopes are this gorgeous, I may need medical attention when I see the invitations......what a first impression people are going to get....... Thank you both so very much-just superb!!!!!!  I am so thankful and the school is going to be so proud and thrilled. Thank you.


Jeff L, Vancouver 

awesome........... you should do this professionally............ your quite good.


Sherry F, Palm Beach



Pixie R, Vancouver

I received my order yesterday, the business cards, letterhead and cards are perfect! Thank you so much.  You truly are The Paper Queen!


Donna L, London, England

I just received the UK order… Now that was fast!!!  Thank you for the present—it was very kind of you.



We have re-opened and are taking one-on-one shopping appointments. Please contact us if you'd like to set up an appointment to come and shop old school, in person!! Our online store is full of many new pieces from our trip to Paris in January. And be sure to checkout our new discount page, found under "Discount Codes" on the home page. They change regularly so take advantage if you see something you like. Hang in there and try to stay positive. We will get through this and come out stronger. Take care. Annabel x