We've always been socially conscious of how we package and ship our products, committing to using responsibly made packaging from start to finish.

From the beginning, in 1992, we made the decision not to brand any of our trademark packaging custom made organza bags, allowing them to be re-used by our customers time and time again. We are plastic free and try to use very little tissue paper, choosing never to brand it. We feel it's a waste of ink, energy and money printing tissue paper that has no purpose other than esthetics. And to top it off, we try to re-use every shipping box from in-coming orders for our out-going orders, because we just think this is a no brainer.  So if you've received a shipping box that looks a tad beat up, this is why. Hopefully you too will re-use that box and carry on the trend.

Instead, we insert a 100% recycled paper branded card or tag with our orders. Acting as our business card, it contains useful information about us, our contact information and social handles. Something to keep for reference or pass on to someone interested. We finish off our orders with a spritz of Jo Malone perfume, awakening your other senses when your package is opened, creating a unique experience, one to be appreciated or surprised, even if just for a moment.