Cashmere Poncho Midnight Blue 30/70

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Our 30/70 cashmere and merino ponchos are made of high-quality cashmere, softer to the touch, using longer threads of cashmere to eliminate any possible shedding. Purchasing luxurious cashmere is an investment piece that will make you feel like a Queen, a King, a Prince, or a Princess (or however you wish to define yourself). You will come to cherish it and feel lost without it, becoming one of your most treasured accessories, we promise.

To describe this colour, we'd call it a bright navy.  It's not as dark as a true navy.

DESIGNER Queen & Grace
SIZE 25" x 54" Midnight Blue NB-7691
STYLE Poncho with ten hand sewn mother of pearl buttons
DETAILS 30% deluxe quality cashmere, 70% fine merino wool
ORIGIN Shanghai, China


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