Upscale Resale Treasures

A great wardrobe is built on high-low fashion.
When building a wardrobe, some pieces you will "full retail" splurge on, others are simple wardrobe staples and then there are those treasured pieces you stumble upon. That's what this page is for. For us, fashion resale, or thrifting as some call it, is like a treasure hunt.  We are proud to offer you an assortment of select finds we have happened upon around the world, as well as donated pieces from our clientele, collectively doing our part to take care of our environment and giving back, women supporting women, to
DFS is a non-profit Vancouver organization that empowers local women with skills, clothing, and counseling, motivating and inspiring them to get back into the workforce, be able to provide for their families, and achieve their highest potential.
Please contact us directly if you would like to learn more about the DFS clothing donation program.
We are a DFS Champion supporter and are here to help.
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